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Wanting to automate your home’s temperature? Need to shut your garage door remotely? With this online series, you will learn valuable home automation and energy saving tips on how to keep your home running efficiently and effectively.
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Key # Length
1. preview What is home automation? 102253 1:32
2. locked What kinds of things could you do with home automation? 102254 1:29
3. locked Home Automation scenario: A Simple Start 102255 1:19
4. locked Home Automation scenario: Next Steps 102256 1:38
5. locked Home Automation scenario: Several Devices 102257 4:05
Key # Length
1. locked Managing climate control and energy 102258 2:29
2. locked Sending music to different rooms 102259 1:16
3. locked Security & Monitoring 102260 2:08
4. locked Home Automation for convenience 102261 1:37
5. locked Lighting controls 102262 2:47
6. locked Home sensors 102263 2:06
Key # Length
1. locked What is Energy Star? 102264 1:07
2. locked Energy saving tips 102265 1:52
Key # Length
1. locked Home Automation service providers 102266 1:50
2. locked Security and privacy: avoiding home automation hacking 102267 2:40
Key # Length
1. locked Getting started with lighting control 102268 2:38
2. locked Using smart light bulbs 102269 1:52
3. locked Getting started with smart outlets (WeMo®) 102270 2:39
4. locked Using home automation through a hub (Insteon®) 102271 2:33
Key # Length
1. locked Using smart sensors to monitor your house (Twine) 102272 1:50
2. locked Using smart motion sensors and cameras (NETGEAR®) 102273 1:53
3. locked Getting started with a smart wireless surveillance camera (IZON) 102274 1:14
4. locked Intro to keyless locking and unlocking (Schlage®) 102275 4:08
5. locked Getting started with smart baby monitors (Belkin® Baby Wemo®) 102276 1:51
Key # Length
1. locked Getting started with smart thermostats (Nest) 102277 4:17
2. locked Accessing smart thermostats (Nest) 102278 2:02
Key # Length
1. locked Getting started with wireless home music (iTunes®, AirPlay®, Libratone™) 102279 1:45
Tutorial series by Geek Squad 2013
WeMo is a registered of Belkin, Inc. Insteon is a registered trademark of Insteon. Twine is a product of Supermechanical Limited Liability Company. NETGEAR is a registered trademark of NETGEAR, Inc. IZON is a product of Stem Innovation, LLC. Schlage is a registered trademark of Schlage. Nest is a product of Nest Labs. iTunes and AirPlay are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Libratone is a product of Libratone, Inc.

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