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Platform: Device and iPod touch/iPhone and iPad


iOS® 7 is a major update to the operating system that runs the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®.

This online training series will show you how to get started using iOS7 on iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, and the 5th Generation iPod touch.  You’ll learn how to perform simple tasks, like turning the device on and off, connecting to the Internet, and customizing the Home screen.  You’ll also learn about new features, like using the new Control Center, and iTunes RadioSM.

iOS 7 is a great update, and is a huge box to unpack.  With so many new features and controls, it can be tough to know where to begin, so check out these movies to get started on your iOS 7 journey.
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Key # Length
1. preview What you'll learn in this training 102295 0:47
Key # Length
1. locked Turning the device on and off 102296 1:09
2. locked Customizing the Home screen 102297 1:18
3. locked Deleting apps 102298 0:52
4. locked Setting a passcode to lock the device 102299 1:32
5. locked Zooming in and out 102300 0:43
6. locked Changing settings and preferences using the Settings app 102301 0:37
7. locked Using Location Services 102302 1:33
8. locked Syncing the device with iTunes® wirelessly 102303 1:21
9. locked Connecting to the Internet 102304 0:35
10. locked Activating and using Siri® 102305 2:01
11. locked Modifying Siri settings 102306 1:32
Key # Length
1. locked Searching the device using Spotlight® 102307 0:32
2. locked Using Control Center 102308 2:41
3. locked Getting quick info using Notification Center 102309 1:20
4. locked Multitasking 102310 1:35
5. locked Tracking a device remotely using Find My iPhone/iPad 102311 1:48
Key # Length
1. locked Taking photos and applying filters 102312 1:30
2. locked Viewing photos 102313 1:46
3. locked Listening to streaming music using iTunes Radio 102314 1:51
Tutorial series by Christopher Boldon, Andrea Carlson
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