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As an exclusive Geek Squad® Tech Support Member, you get on-demand access to exclusive member videos. As easy as this training platform is to use, you may still have some questions about specific functions within the system. This tutorial series will help answer those questions.
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Key # Length
1. preview What Exclusive Member Videos can do for you 96180 2:12
Key # Length
1. locked Understanding the user interface 94513 1:15
2. locked Finding an answer to a specific question 94514 1:00
3. locked Using filters with your search 94515 0:33
4. locked Browsing available training 94516 0:48
5. locked Setting your preferences 94517 0:38
6. locked Using the Quick Link shortcuts 94518 0:36
Key # Length
1. locked Playing and pausing a movie 94519 0:54
2. locked Viewing the playlist 94520 0:45
3. locked Adding to Favorites 94521 0:54
Key # Length
1. locked Navigating through a training series 94522 0:45
2. locked Accessing a downloadable file 94523 0:31
3. locked Using the Request New Training feature 94524 0:33
Key # Length
1. locked Using the My Training section 94525 0:44
2. locked Adding and removing tutorials from the Favorites list 94526 1:10
Tutorial series by Beth Bruestle, narration by Bill Satre
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