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The most recent release of Microsoft® Windows® 8 confirms the major redesign for this newest version of Windows. This online training series highlights several of the new features in the Windows 8 environment. You'll be guided through the new start screen, tiles and the Windows 8 apps, navigation and hot corners, and much more. Learn how to organize and get access to the information that you care about most with this new environment!
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Key # Length
1. preview Introducing Windows 8 94548 1:10
2. locked Introducing the Windows 8 user interface 94549 1:31
3. locked Introducing hot corners and navigating with the mouse 94550 1:35
4. locked Introducing tiles and Windows 8 apps 94551 0:53
5. locked Introducing Live Tiles 94552 0:51
6. locked Using the App Commands Bar 94553 1:38
7. locked Opening/switching/closing apps 94554 2:11
8. locked Introducing the Charms Bar 94555 1:23
9. locked Accessing and using the desktop pt. 1 94556 1:35
10. locked Accessing and using the desktop pt. 2 94557 2:50
11. locked Introducing Internet Explorer® 10 94558 1:32
12. locked Creating a picture password 94559 2:42
13. locked Personalizing the start screen 94560 1:11
Tutorial series by Beth Bruestle, narration by Bill Satre
Box shot reprinted by permission from Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft, Windows, and Internet Explorer are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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