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This online training series provides an in-depth look at some of the many versatile features within Windows® 8. Learn how to connect a wireless home network and much more!
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Key # Length
1. locked Customizing tiles on the Start screen 94807 6:02
2. locked Using a touchpad or touch screen with Windows 8 94809 5:17
Key # Length
1. locked Migrating from a Mac 94810 7:12
2. locked Migrating email, calendar, and contacts from previous versions of Windows 94811 7:28
Key # Length
1. locked Connecting to a home network 94813 1:49
2. locked Printing wirelessly 94814 2:18
3. locked Syncing a Windows 8 device with an Apple device 94815 10:59
4. locked Syncing a Windows 8 device with an Android device 94817 2:51
Tutorial series by Christopher Boldon
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